I was in search of an absolute professional well experienced in ayurvedic massage therapy. Based on feedback I heard from other clients, staff and speaking to Stephen Galik directly, it was evident that Stephen not only studies but thoroughly researches his practices, but is a complete healer. Stephen’s knowledge, expertise and powerful energy is complete magic that one must truly experience. I’m extremely grateful to have found Stephen as he continues to improve my health and overall wellness.
– Melinda A. Marathoner, yogini, fitness enthusiast

A jewel in Dallas. Finally a place to experience ayurvedic therapy rarely found in Dallas. The Panchakarma detoxed my mind, spirit & body.
– Gowri S.


Rita’s firm yet gentle hands make for a relaxing facial and massage. She always asks if I have a special need – aches or pains or allergies to be addressed. Rita cares about my needs and remembers them with each visit. She is a true professional.
– Carol B.


I absolutely adore it here! I love the atmosphere… love the instructors… love the variety in the yoga classes. I’ve been a very faithful and active member for several years now and count it as one of the better decisions I’ve ever made! It has positvely impacted my body, health and general well-being. I HATE GYMS and think that YOGA in a loud, sweaty, smelly, mega- gym is just criminal! The instructors here are knowledgable and attentive, and encourage you to progress at a pace that is organic to your specific body and needs. The classes are intimately sized and each instructor specializes in their own particular brand of yoga- which is terrific and keeps things from being monotonous. (It’s sorta like yoga-a-la-carte!) For the most part, everyone is friendly and welcoming. While I usually come for the yoga, I have occasionally, also sampled the spa offerings- and have found the experience, lovely. (If I had one, tiny regret, it would be that they do not have a more expansive list of class TIMES.) Nonetheless, I work around it, and Pranaa is my go-to place in Plano for my daily dose of wellness! So Yes, come join us. We can exhale together!
– Shaunda T.

With the stresses of re-modeling a home and raising a very active “almost” two-year old son, I come here knowing that when I leave I’ll feel all “human” again.
– Stacie D.

I had been having lower back pain for about five months. I tried standard massage therapy, even saw a chiropractor 3 times a week for a month. No help. My massage therapist recommended I try Pranaa’s Kati Basti – after the 1st session, I was about 25% better. Now after 4, no lower back pain at all. It defenitly was a miracle worker for me.
– Carol W.

I am totally enjoying my classes with Skila on Wednesdays and Pat on Saturdays. I just love them. I appreciate what they do. I leave the class relaxed and energized every time. Yoga has helped me a lot with relieving stress and flexibility with my aching body which might be age related.
– Emma C.

Having never experienced Kati Basti before, I didn’t really know what to expect. All of the ladies at Pranaa are very gracious and welcoming. My therapist, Ritu Bhalla, made me feel at home with her laymen explanations of Kati Basti and massage. With my first experience, I went from feeling pain and discomfort in my lower back to feeling almost no pain at all. The second experience has put me back to where I need to be. Overall, the experience has been so fulfilling that I’ve decided to sign up for yoga class at Pranaa.
– Lamar H.

Rita does a great job. She is a very talented massage therapist. She goes the extra mile and uses hot towels & essential oils and always asks how you are doing at each visit.
– Sindhu A.

I think this is one of the best yoga studios in the area and come here regularly. I love the small classes and excellent instructors who encourage us to practice as our bodies allow. I particularly enjoy the “good vibes” from the participants and teachers in all the classes I attend.
– Arlene E.

After warm Abhyanga oil massage at Pranaa & a cup of soothing tea, I am so relaxed and refreshed. My problems seem to melt away. Pranaa has excellent services & great masseurs. I highly recommend it to everyone.
– Thuy M.


I got Shirodhara only once and it helped me in my migraine and relaxation throughout the body. It’s been 1 1/2 months and I didn’t get my migraine.
– Seema S.

This is so dramatic. I have not been so pain free in years!
– Paula M.

This was the best massage & spa experience I’ve ever had. Over the top experience!
– Randelle A.

I loved this kind of facial and massage. It was so much more involved than the typical “spa” version. The focus and knowledge and understanding shown by Ritu was just what I needed. She helped me find more movement in my hand I’d broke 3 months before. I felt like I could feel the blood circulating again! And I wasn’t flinching when she touched it. I will be back again & again.
– Anne T.

The atmosphere is both beautiful and relaxing. The staff are always pleasant and professional. The therapists are excellent. I would love to try all of your services!
– Debra W.

This is such a beautiful space. It just allows you to drift away. It’s like being on a vacation.
– Sarah S.

Sandra is a great massage therapist. Pranaa is very attractive, clean & well maintained. Pranaa’s scheduling, billing, customer service is first rate.
– Andy B.