Pranaa is an elegant sanctuary for rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit, comprising two spaces, one for yoga and one for Ayurveda. This retreat for Ayurveda, Massage and Yoga is designed on the five basic elements of Ayurveda – air, water, fire, earth and space. Design concepts based on these five elements can be found in every room. A breezy and airy design, soothing sounds of water, natural elements of the earth and lights resembling fire is found across the entire space, be it the elegant therapy rooms or the inviting relaxation room that offers private seating spaces for solitude and solace.

Pranaa offers extensive therapies integrating traditional Ayurveda with the western therapies. It strives to provide the harmony between mind and body. It focuses on the traditionalĀ Indian sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda and provides personalized therapies to meet individualĀ health goals.

At Pranaa, we use products that are specially formulated, based on Ayurvedic principles. All our therapists are trained in the traditional Ayurveda therapies and our Ayurvedic Consultants areĀ trained in an Ayurvedic degree from renowned Ayurvedic colleges.