Ayurveda promotes a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. Rather than treating the illness, Ayurveda strives to restore the balance in your daily life which in effect triggers the body’s natural healing process and metabolism and helps you bounce back to a state of vibrant health and radiance.

Ayurvedic diet is high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and other naturally fiber-rich and wholesome foods that not only provide lasting energy throughout the day but keep the body toned and radiant.  An Ayurvedic Consultation will help you to understand yourself and your body from the perspective of Ayurveda – the science of life.

What to Expect:
Learn about your unique constitutional (dosha) type. Learn how to bring yourself into perfect and balanced health. Understand what is your dosha and make small changes to your lifestyle to bring about balance.

During the initial consultation, which lasts one hour, your Ayurvedic Consultant will take a detailed history of your health problems, lifestyle, food habits etc. Initial consultation includes dosha analysis and recommendations on diet, nutrition and lifestyle. We will also suggest ayurvedic therapies and a yoga exercise plan to suit your body type. In the follow-up consultation, progress is monitored to assure that set goals will deliver lasting results. This includes a 15 minute free follow up that can be done in person or over the phone.

Initial Consultation 1hr: $100
Follow 30 mins: $50 



During the phone consultation, which lasts one hour, your Ayurvedic Consultant will take a detailed history of your health problems, lifestyle, food habits etc. This helps the Ayurvedic Consultant get a good idea of your health, even if you are not present.

If you are interested in scheduling an Ayurvedic consultation over the phone, please familiarise yourself with following policies and procedures.

The phone consultation will consist of:

  • health records and forms that you will send us
  • Reviewing health conditions and understanding your goals
  • Suggesting diet, lifestyle changes, home remedies and therapies for your specific body type/condition
  • Recommending Ayurvedic and other herbs if required
  • After the consultation, the Ayurvedic Consultant will send across a detailed daily routine suggestions document by email to you.

Our Policies for Ayurvedic consultation by phone

1. Your consultation with the Ayurvedic Consultant will be done only over the phone.
2. Your consultation must be prepaid either by credit card or check.
3. Before the consultation you will need to fill out, sign and email back to us all the forms you receive from us.
4. We will contact you to schedule your consultation as soon as we receive all your documents. You will be given a phone number to call. The phone consultaion will be setup at a mutually convenient time.
5. We require a 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule your phone appointment. Lesser notice will result in a 50% charge. All refunds will be subject to a processing fee of 5%.

Phone Consultation 1hr: $100


I understand that after reviewing my records and forms submitted, Pranaa is under no obligation to offer ayurvedic advice in which case your money will be returned to you. All information provided to Pranaa will be kept confidential. Payment information will be deleted after your consultation. All material provided by Pranaa is for guidance, and is not intended to replace your legal medical advisor. Before making any changes to your diet or exercise routine or if you have any serious acute or chronic health concern, it is always wise to check with your personal physician.


All clients who participate in Ayurveda Program should be advised of the following information:

  1. Ayurveda is the traditional healing system of India, and is based on the idea that each person’ path toward optimal health is unique. Your program is based on understanding your unique constitution and the unique nature of your imbalance. Your program may include lifestyle adjustments, dietary changes, herbs, massage therapy .The goal of all programs is to create within your body and mind an optimum environment for healing to take place and to maximize your body’s ability to heal by itself.
  2. This consultation plan is not related to Western diagnosis or treatment and may not make suggestions about altering your medical care.
  3. Ayurvedic Practitioner is a Ayurveda Specialist with a degree of BAMS or Masters in Ayurveda or Certified Panchkarma therapist. They are not a Medical Doctor.
  4.  The National Institute of Health Office of Complementary and Alternative Medicine currently considers Ayurveda a form of complementary and alternative medicine in the United States.
  5. If you are suffering from a disease or symptom that has not been evaluated by a Medical Doctor or another licensed health care professional, we recommend that you receive a proper evaluation by them.
  6. Ayurvedic Practitioner will not recommend altering your prescriptions without the approval of your medical doctor. Your practitioner may suggest that you speak to your doctor about reducing medication when he/she feels that it is appropriate.
  7. Services not offered by Ayurvedic Practitioner are
    • Diagnosis of pathological condition
    • Treatment for pathological conditions
    • Prescription drugs or medicine
    • Advice or counseling regarding the diagnosis or treatment of pathological conditions

Scheduling an Consultation means you have read and understood, and agree to all of the above policies.