Conscious Breathing Consultation

Conscious Breathing Consultation  with Kaja Michelson
Nurturing and restorative – this conscious breathing consultation can be extremely beneficial for anyone who wants to relax and get rid of stored negative stress in the body. By improving your breathing habits there is a great change that you also will improve your energy levels, sleep quality, overall health and well-being. 
Over-breathing and irregular breathing are all factors that can cause seemingly unrelated health problems. While good breathing in our daily lives doesn’t always come naturally, it can be learned. Welcome to a private Conscious Breathing Consultation! After a thoughtful assessment of your current life stressors and breathing habits through the 20 question Breathing Index Questionnaire, you will recieve specific breathing and stress management exercises, that will enhance your awareness of the power of your own breath – all while provided the highest level of personalized service.
This experience completely invigorates your being with oxygen, simulating a sense of well-being and deep rest. On a deeper level, there is an emotional release of negativity and stress, which adds to mental clarity. Your entire body benefits from the stress reduction exercises as they improve circulation and increases relaxation while using finger pressure to address specific acupressure points in the neck, head, hands and feet. To expand our understanding of what it means to live by Praana – the basic life energy of the universe – we must first experience. Any quest for enhanced well-being should include improving your breathing habits as a basic component.
1 hour Consultation : $100